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    Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Enkay Machines   Rockwell
Hardness Testing Machine
This Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers is automated hardness tester with digital display. It can be configured for automatic or manual start operation, Multiple option are available quality control pass and failed criteria and a wide variety of sample holders including anvil & round table. A large LCD touch panel with clear display and back light make the machine easy to use and read.
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  Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

Superior design & workmanship
Auto and Manual Start Settings
Touch panel backlit LCD display for ease of use
Rigid construction to minimize compliance errors
Various data processing functions including: conversions, Tabulations, standard deviation etc.
Easily change test loads by the turn of a dial
Meets EU low voltage standards
Specially fitted to withstand overturning
  Technical Specifications:




Test Loads 588.4/60 980.7/100 1471/150 N/kgf
Load Control Automatic (Loading – Holding – Release)
Start Operation Automatic Start/Manual Start Selection
Dwell Time 1-99 sec (key entry in units of seconds)
Plastic measurement Standard function, time up to hardness value display after release: 1 to 99 sec.
Scale Display C,D,A,G,B,F,K,E,H,P,M,L,V,S,R
Data Memory Max. 256 test data
Hardness conversion Specified scale on real time display
OK/NG criteria Upper and lower limits setting, and HI/LOW display
Data edition Batch conversion of memorized measurement data (Mean value, max.value, min.Value, standard deviation, dispersion (R). Converted values, same.
Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 bps selectable
Communication line Error detection, parity even/parity none/selectable
Accuracy Conform to JIS B7726 and ASTM-18
Max sample height Model 1:250mm, Model 2:200mm
Max sample depth 160 mm
Power Supply Single phase AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz
  Standard Accessories:
Standard hardness block HRC60, HRB90
Diamond indenter (Built in)
Steel ball indenter (1/16” ¢)
Spare steel ball (1/16” ¢)
Anvil 60mm ¢ flat
Anvil V shape
Spare fuse 100-120V3A
200-240V 2A
Power Cord (3P-2.5m)
Level adjusting leg
Auxiliary tools
Stabilizing attachment
Machine cover
  Essential Accessories:

Steel Ball indenter 1/8, ¼”,1/2”, ¾”
Steel Ball 1/8, ¼”,1/2”, ¾”
Round Table 200mm (not tempered)
Anvil V-Shape (small), Spot, Diamond spot
Long sample testing jig Vari- rest
Long sample testing jig Jack – rest
Micro test table for jominy testMax.movement:approx.55 mm
Min.micro graduation:1/10mm or 1/160”
Printer Dot Matrix Printer Form hardness tester add up to result to data output
Machine Manual Book (Detailed Control circuit, : 2 nos.
power circuit, Trouble shooting and remedies, etc) of machine
  Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine : EKE-RHT033  
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