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    WinTest : Material Testing System
Enkay Machines   WinTest
Material Testing System
WinTest is ENKAY’s most advanced materials testing system for electrohydraulic and electromechanical testing machines. It's unique design consists of a PC based application program and an easy-to-install external interface box which makes Win Test ideal for new and retrofit installations. Win Test flexible interface provides connectivity to virtually every load frame regardless of age, manufacturer or application.
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  WinTest Material Testing System













The capability to perform all commonly used mechanical tests.
The ability to create your own test methods for a variety of requirements.
Save and recall test methods for accurate and repeatable testing.
Password protected supervisor/operator modes allow test methods to be activated then locked under password so they cannot be changed inadvertently.
Calculation of key test parameters such as Ultimate Load, Offset Yield, Modulus of Elasticity and more. WinTest features an extensive set of data analyses. Contact the factory for an up to date listing.
Calculation of high, low, mean and standard deviation for a group of tests.-time data such as microscope images.
Hardcopy printouts of single test reports, group test reports and X-Y plots.
Storage of test data and results to hard disk in ASCII delimited format for easy import into popular spreadsheet and database programs.
Up to ten user-definable test information and twenty report header fields to meet a variety of testing and reporting requirements.
User selectable English, Metric and SI units.
Large easy-to-read numeric displays that show live, peak and rate readings.
Real-time plotting of test data.
Closed loop servo control with PID compensation.
Includes monotonic, cyclic and segmented control profiles with software selectable control channels which can be changed on the fly.
The ability to change control gains and endpoint values during a test. Ideal for system tuning during dynamic fatigue tests.
Five input channels for load, crosshead position, axial strain, transverse strain and one auxiliary input. Force and extensometer strain accuracy exceeds ATSM E-4 and E-83 standards, respectively.
Three additional auxiliary input channels are optionally available.

  WinTest : Material Testing Machine





Automatic transducer identification available on all channels.
Unlimited calibration tables per analog channel for multiple load cell and extensometer requirements.
Up to 10 calibration points per transducer with piecewise linear fit between points for maximum accuracy.All calibrations are password protected and are saved to disk.
Seamless access to many of today's popular spreadsheet programs.
Access XY data real-time for alignment with other realtime data such as microscope images.

Servo Control

WinTest can be installed on servo equipped electromechanical and electrohydraulic testing machines. It features monotonic, cyclic and segmented profiles under load, position or strain control. Also included is a Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control algorithm with software selectable control modes that can be changed on the fly. These features allow for complex control profiles to meet all of your testing needs. To facilitate precise tuning of cyclic profiles during fatigue tests, PID control gains and profile endpoint values can be changed during the test.

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